Ælred Ardèche Chestnut Cream 16%
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Ælred Ardèche Chestnut Cream 16%

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The Ælred Chestnut Cream of Ardèche is excellent as an accompaniment to a wine, a cocktail or in your dishes. It has a caramelized aroma of Ardèche chestnut.
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The Chestnut Cream of Ardèche Ælred is made from Ardèche chestnuts only. It is ideal to accompany a wine, as a cocktail or in your dishes. Edible brown and chestnut are the fruit of the chestnut. The chestnut comes from a wild tree and Edible brown from a tree grafted for cultivation. If inside the fruits are separated by a brownish skin they are chestnuts. If the fruits appear in the bug of a block they are chestnuts. The chestnut is a small friable triangular fruit while the brown is round. The fruit must be shiny, it is a guarantee of freshness.
Ingredients water, sugar, alcohol, chestnut flavourings, Ardeche chestnut extract, colouring : plain caramel, concentrated fruits juice.


Nutritional values per 100ml undiluted product Energy kJ: 856.00, Energy kcal: 204.00 , Nutiments: Carbohydrate : 28,54g, Of which sugars : 28,54g
Alcohol level


Advice for storage after opening To be stored at room temperature, sheltered from heat and light.


verre à cocktail eyguebelle Tasting note caramelized chestnut
astuce pour utiliser les sirops eyguebelle Eyguebelle tip 2 cl Ælred Ardèche Chestnut Cream - 8 cl white wine
shaker à cocktail eyguebelle Usage Pure, Cocktail, Cooking

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