History and know-how

Histoire & Savoir-faire

EYGUEBELLE, a name that sounds like Provence.

EYGUE, Provençal word meaning water, from the Latin aqua - BELLE, word meaning beauty and purity, from the Latin bella.

EYGUE-BELLE, "Aquabella" in Latin means pure water. 

Historically based in the heart of the Drôme Provençale, between orchards and lavender fields, EYGUEBELLE passionately produces syrups and aperitifs according to monks' recipes. Rich from its past and its regional roots, EYGUEBELLE cultivates strong values:

Artisanal know-how • Authentic taste • Passion • Exigence • Art of living

Heritage & Craftsmanship

Located in one of France's most important fruit-growing regions, the Eyguebelle brand has grown with the passing of time and the seasons...

It was in 1949, at Aiguebelle Abbey in Montjoyer, that Cistercian monks invented, refined and perpetuated various original recipes of plant and fruit syrups.

These recipes and ancestral manufacturing methods have been jealously guarded for many years and handed down from generation to generation. 

It's an age-old heritage that the EYGUEBELLE brand took up with great respect in 1996. 

In addition to the recipes, it was necessary to acquire specific traditional know-how in herbalism and aromatic blending: selection of ingredients, infusion, aromatic accuracy and intensity... 

To faithfully respect the specific taste of each recipe, the brand uses the same manufacturing techniques, the same blends and, as the basis for most of its products, pure French sugar to bring out the flavour of fruit and plants.

In 2006, Eyguebelle left the monastery and set up a new production site a few kilometres from the Abbey, in Valaurie.

Invaluable traditional know-how, to be protected and perpetuated...

Love of Taste

At Eyguebelle, we know that good products come from top-of-the-range ingredients, rigorously selected for their quality and flavour... 


In order to achieve a perfect level of quality, Eyguebelle has been building privileged partnerships with fruit-growing cooperatives for several years. Selected in Provence, the fruit growers are able to supply fruit of impeccable quality, with well-balanced flavours. Thanks to this demanding approach, Eyguebelle knows exactly which fruit trees its harvests come from. A rare form of traceability, a guarantee of high quality. 


At Eyguebelle, we use pure sugar to give our products an incomparable taste. Over time, solid partnerships have been established with sugar manufacturers who are committed to always supplying sugar of consistent quality.


Natural flavours and essences come exclusively from fruit or plants and are concentrated using a range of perfectly controlled techniques. These elements form the "aromatic heart" of the products. Several essences and natural flavours are blended together in each recipe. The result is an authentic taste, faithful to the original recipe.

Site & Industrial Process

Today, the EYGUEBELLE brand strikes a subtle balance between heritage and innovative vision.

Although rooted in history and the passing down of generations, EYGUEBELLE is a brand for the 21st century that knows how to equip itself with industrial processes that guarantee the irreproachable quality of its products. With this in mind, in November 2006 the company acquired a new industrial site, designed to respect the versatility and traditional methods of the trade. The new site can produce products in a variety of formats: 50cl, 70cl, 100cl, and a manual workshop has been installed for specific productions requiring a great deal of care.


Throughout the process, we follow the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) approach. We are ISO 9001 and IFS Food (International Featured Standard) certified.

  • Traceability: thanks to a high-performance IT tool, we ensure traceability from receipt of raw materials to dispatch of products to our customers. Every stage in the manufacturing process is recorded. This traceability guarantees food safety. - Product quality: we check the quality of Eyguebelle products in our own laboratory and in approved external laboratories. Our quality department analyses and tastes each production batch.
  • Research & development: our in-house team is responsible for developing new products. This research is ongoing, to develop new products and improve existing recipes.