Ælred Raphaëlle Liqueur 45%
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Ælred Raphaëlle Liqueur 45%



Raphaëlle is a refined plant liqueur with a long aging in barrels. This exceptional liqueur reveals a complex and elegant aromatic flavor during tasting. It is the ideal gift for lovers of plant liqueurs.
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Raphaëlle is made from over seventy plants, seeds, flowers, roots and bark preserved in a Herbier. It is from this subtle blend and its mysterious distillation in copper stills that it is born, before ageing in secret, sheltered in large wooden casks. Its distinctive character stems from the experiences of our herbalist monk ancestors. Its composition offers ever-changing sensations.
Ingredients Alcohol, water, sugar, macerated and distilled plants and flowers.

Copper with a green sheen

Nutritional values per 100ml undiluted product Energy kJ: , Energy kcal: , Nutiments:
Alcohol level


Advice for storage after opening To be stored at room temperature, sheltered from heat and light.


verre à cocktail eyguebelle Tasting note Nose: herbaceous notes - Mouth: complexity, spices and plants
astuce pour utiliser les sirops eyguebelle Eyguebelle tip Raphaëlle is perfect as a digestive at the end of a meal.
shaker à cocktail eyguebelle Usage Digestive

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