Quality products

Histoire & Savoir-faire

The Selection of Ingredients

Because we believe that good syrup can only be made from good ingredients, we choose the best quality. We use local suppliers whenever possible. We work with selected, quality fruits from French cultures such as the Carpentras strawberry, the Cavaillon melon… Finally, we use pure sugar for an incomparable taste.

The Real Taste of Fruit

Our aim in choosing our recipes is to ensure that our products have “the real taste of fruit”. This commitment has even become our motto. For this reason, during the development of our products, which is carried out at our Valaurie site in Drôme Provençale, we seek the right balance between sugar, acidity and aroma so that the taste is as natural as possible.

Our quality approach

In order to provide you with products of impeccable quality, we have been implementing a Quality approach for many years. This is reflected in the fact that we have obtained ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and IFS certification (Food Safety). We follow the principles of HACCP (Analysis and Control of Critical Control Points in terms of food safety) and carry out daily checks throughout the manufacturing process. From the reception of raw materials to the dispatch of products to our customers, each stage of production is carefully recorded to satisfy the quality requirements of our consumers. Internally and in approved external laboratories, our quality department analyses and tastes each production batch.

Know-how and authenticity

Our know-how comes from the monks of Aiguebelle Abbey in Montjoyer in the Drôme. It was in 1949 that the Cistercian monks invented, refined and perpetuated various original recipes for fruit and plant syrups. These recipes and ancestral manufacturing methods have been jealously guarded for many years and handed down from generation to generation.
It's an age-old heritage that the EYGUEBELLE brand took up with great respect in 1996. Over and above the recipes, it is a whole range of specific traditional know-how in herbalism and aromatic blending that had to be acquired: selection of ingredients, infusion, accuracy and aromatic intensity...