Ælred Williams Pear Liqueur 35%
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Ælred Williams Pear Liqueur 35%

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The Ælred Pear Liqueur is made from williams pears rigorously selected for their intense flavor and aroma. Unlike Eau de vie, pear liqueur is sweet and less alcoholic.
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Ælred Pear liqueur has an alcohol content of 35%, not to be confused with the Eau de vie de Poire Williams, which has an alcohol content of 45%. This Ælred fruit liqueur is generally drunk as an after-dinner drink, but can also be used to prepare cocktails and desserts. The Williams Pear is a variety of pear native to the United Kingdom. Its name comes from the London gardener, Williams, who helped to propagate this variety of pear. Today, it is the most widely grown variety of pear in the world. It's a summer fruit with excellent flavour.
Ingredients Water, sugar, alcohol, Williams pear eau de vie (36% of the total amount of alcohol), pear flavouring.


Nutritional values per 100ml undiluted product Energy kJ: 1191.00, Energy kcal: 285.00 , Nutiments: Carbohydrate : 22,3g, Of which sugars : 22,3g
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Advice for storage after opening To be stored at room temperature, sheltered from heat and light.


verre à cocktail eyguebelle Tasting note Williams pear, very fragrant and fruity
astuce pour utiliser les sirops eyguebelle Eyguebelle tip Pear ice cream with Ælred Williams Pear Liqueur
shaker à cocktail eyguebelle Usage Pure, With water, Cocktails or Cooking

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