Eyguebelle Verbena Inédit Syrup
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Eyguebelle Verbena Inédit Syrup

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The Eyguebelle Verbena Inédit Syrup is perfect with hot or fresh water.
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The Eyguebelle Verbena Syrup is a delicious syrup. This syrup can be drunk with fresh water or hot water in herbal tea. It can be used in pastry (macaroon, ice cream, verbena mousse ...). It goes very well with peach. If you like the famous iced tea drink, mix Eyguebelle Verbena syrup and Eyguebelle Peach syrup.
Ingredients sugar, water, verbena extract, natural verbena flavor with other natural flavors, natural flavor, concentrated lemon juice, concentrate (safflower), coloring: brilliant blue FCF.


Nutritional values per 100ml undiluted product Energy kJ: 1264.00, Energy kcal: 298.00 , Nutiments: Carbohydrate : 73g, Of which sugars : 73g
Alcohol level

Alcool Free

Advice for storage after opening To be stored in a clean, dry and cool place before opening. To be stored into the fridge and to be consumed within 3 months after opening.


verre à cocktail eyguebelle Tasting note soft and light
astuce pour utiliser les sirops eyguebelle Eyguebelle tip 2 cl Eyguebelle Verbena Syrup - 1 cl Eyguebelle Peach syrup - Cold water
shaker à cocktail eyguebelle Usage With cold or hot water, for dessert and cocktails.

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