History and information about Eyguebelle

In 1996, when Eyguebelle bought the recipes from the monks, the monks wanted the name of the monastery to no longer be used for commercial purposes.  So we changed the spelling to Eyguebelle, which means "beautiful water" in Provençal. 

The name Aelred comes from Father Aelred, Father of the Abbey of Aiguebelle, who developed sales of alcohol at the monastery.

The monks no longer produce Eyguebelle syrups, but they continue to sell them in their Abbey shop in the village of Montjoyer, 7km from our estate.

They do, however, make a non-alcoholic plant-based drink, Alexion, as well as balms.

Our most typical spirit is undoubtedly the liqueur de Coiron Vert, formerly liqueur Verte, made from a blend of around fifty plants gathered on the Coiron plateau in the Ardèche.

The most typical syrups are those made from selected fruits: Strawberry from Carpentras, Melon from Cavaillon, Peach from Provence...

Eyguebelle is available in supermarkets but with a limited selection of flavours. (10 fragrances maximum).

Our shop is in the same building as the factory, but we are a company in our own right that buys its products like any other retailer, so we are not a factory outlet.

We work with all the existing references:

  • 50 Artisan Range syrups
  • 70 references of syrups for the on-trade
  • 50 references of spirits 

We also offer a personalised service for customers, a free tasting session, a visit and gifts depending on your purchases.

It is possible to fill with :

  • 1 50cl bottle: about 20 glasses
  • 1 70cl bottle: about 30-35 glasses
  • 1 1L bottle: Approximately 40-45 glasses

The best way to store syrup after opening is in the fridge, but it is also possible to store it elsewhere if it is kept away from heat and light. (Cupboard, cellar...).

Eyguebelle products are made on site at Domaine Eyguebelle in Valaurie.