Listening to our customers

Histoire & Savoir-faire

Innovation for healthier and natural products

We know that our consumers are looking for healthier, less sweet products and that they are attentive to the composition of products. This is why we are developing ranges that meet these expectations:

In 2020, we innovated and proposed a new range called “Les Petits Concentrés”. Low in sugar (40% less than most of the sweetened drinks), these concentrates are rich in fruit (80% of fruit) and contain 100% ingredients of natural origin! Less sugar, more natural ingredients, more pleasure.

We have also developed a non-alcoholic spirit, a Botanical Distillate, for a client.

This is to meet the expectations of customers who want healthier, lower-calorie products  from our own still.

As we develop our products, we remove unnecessary additives. We are constantly looking for the best innovations to make our products healthier.

The latest one ? The removal of the artificial blue colouring in our violet syrup, which is why this syrup now has a lighter colour.

Another innovation is the replacement of the artificial blue colouring in the ice mint and Provence mint in our Eyguebelle syrup range by a spirulina concentrate, a naturally occurring ingredient. We were the first syrup makers to use this ingredient.

Customers satisfaction

Respect for the customer means listening carefully to meet their needs. We try to meet all our customers’ expectations and provide the best possible service.

Our products are also designed to please our consumers. Which is why we ask for our customers opinions and feelings via forms in our Valaurie shop and thanks to a tasting panel composed of private and professional customers.

Our aim has always been to help our customers, whether they are professionals or private individuals, we are able to offer them innovative and gourmet drinks for their cocktails and cooking recipes.

Did you notice the three underlined words in the text ? They represent the three values of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy that is currently being implemented in our company.

The collective efforts of our employees allow us to give meaning to our work and respect our environment.

Our vision : Together we can change everything !