The best ways to serve gin

Gin is a brandy of Dutch origin, dating back to the Middle Ages. Initially a medicinal remedy, the drink has evolved over time to become a complex beverage. Made by distilling cereals, it is then flavoured with juniper berries. This dry spirit is most often served in cocktails, as it is only when mixed with other ingredients that its flavour develops to its full potential. The best known are gin and tonics and martinis. Its complex flavour will delight even the most discerning connoisseurs of fine spirits. Gin and tonic is rarely one of the most popular drinks among the masses. Gin isn't something you're born with; it's a taste you acquire with experience. 

Find out more about gin

The name of this drink comes from the French word genièvre or the Dutch word jenever. It was the Dutch king William III who brought it to England during his reign in the 17th century. It quickly gained popularity there. A popular variant was created by replacing the juniper berries with turpentine.

Gin is an alcohol made from a fermented cereal base that is distilled. Its flavour is characterised by an aroma of juniper, added at a second stage, sometimes with other spices, herbs or aromatics. It is these juniper berries that give it its great flavour, reminiscent in many ways of the smell of pine. This base creates an aromatic framework for the other fragrances. Although not all of them have this base, it is generally accepted that these berries are used in the composition of the best ones in existence. There are more than one renowned brand of gin in the world. The best-known are English, but there are also some made in France of excellent quality, such as Fieldfare d'Eyguebelle gin. 

This brandy is sometimes drunk by the glassful with sparkling water, but most often with a quality tonic, the star ingredient of which is quinine. Because of its powerful taste, this spirit is rarely drunk on its own, and is served with at least one additional ingredient in a cocktail. 

Different ways to serve it

Because dry gin has a very strong flavour, it is not often drunk on its own and is served in cocktails. Adding a gaseous element, such as sparkling water, brings out its particular flavour. 

Cocktails can be made directly in the glass or in a shaker, where it is mixed for a certain length of time. Gin and tonic, for example, is made directly in a Highbal glass. The alcohol is mixed with tonic and served on the rocks with a twist of lemon. It is advisable to finish this drink before the ice cubes melt to avoid diluting the flavour. You should also avoid mixing it, to avoid clouding the drink and causing the fine gas bubbles to disappear.

Cocktails made with a shaker include the Tom Collins or the Gibson. Shaken cocktails are poured into chilled martini glasses and served without ice. For sweeter drinks, you can add a little syrup or sugar. When the juice of a lime is added, this drink is a refreshing delight. This spirit can be served with more than one ingredient. However, a good knowledge of blending is needed to maintain the balance of flavour, and to ensure that the ingredients work well together. Similarly, the garnish of a gin drink should complement the drink itself. 

What kind of cocktail can be made with gin?

The gin and tonic is the best-known cocktail. This cocktail is made straight from the glass, with an exact ratio of one third gin to two thirds tonic. A lemon wedge or zest can be added for a touch of acidity. The depth of the alcoholic base is complemented by the bitterness and fizz of the tonic for added freshness, and this drink can also be served with cucumber slices. 

A cocktail made with a shaker is usually served in a chilled glass. It is chilled with an ice cube, which should be removed from the glass just before pouring. It should be mixed for a minimum time before serving. Gin fizz is made from gin, sugar, lemon or lime and egg white. The whole mixture is vigorously mixed in a shaker. Only the liquid is poured into a tumbler-type glass. It is served with a little crushed ice, sparkling water and lime zest. Variations of the gin fizz can be served by replacing the lemon with orange, and the sparkling water with tonic.

One of the other most famous cocktails is the martini, where vermouth is added and it can be served with a green olive, or citrus zest for extra flavour. This drink, made famous by the adventures of an English spy, manages to balance the strength of gin with the gentle bitterness of vermouth.

A good recipe is based on a balanced blend of flavours. The proportions must be respected, and the rule of thirds is important, as much for the quantity of ice cubes in the shaker as for the dose of brandy. The time taken to mix the cocktail in the shaker must also be respected, otherwise the ice cubes will melt and drown the cocktail. You can tell when the drink is ready by the difference in the tinkling of the ice cubes.


Through a skilful blend of spices and plants, Eyguebelle under the AElred brand offer us the "Spirit of Gin", GIN FIELDFARE.  The nose and palate speak for themselves: chamomile, violet, hibiscus, hay, coriander, broom, cinnamon... This gin offers a palette of tastes, an infinite field of possibilities.