Eyguebelle Tote bag

Eyguebelle Tote bag

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Discover the Eyguebelle Tote Bag. The tote bag can be used for shopping, carrying a picnic or as a handbag.
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Discover the Eyguebelle Tote Bag. The word "tote bag" comes from the English word "to tote". You can use a tote bag to go shopping, carry a picnic or use it as a handbag - any occasion is a good one to take out your tote bag.
Ingredients 100% Coton.


Nutritional values per 100ml undiluted product Energy kJ: , Energy kcal: , Nutiments:
Alcohol level

Alcool Free

Advice for storage after opening To be stored at room temperature, sheltered from heat and light.
verre à cocktail eyguebelle Tasting note
astuce pour utiliser les sirops eyguebelle Eyguebelle tip To be used for carrying a bottle of Eyguebelle syrup
shaker à cocktail eyguebelle Usage

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