Discover our new products “Les Petits Concentrés d’Eyguebelle” made exclusively from simple and natural ingredients. Composed of 80% fruit, bi-fruits or combined with an organic plant infusion and low in sugar, they are naturally good.

You can make up to 6 litres of cold drink with a 50 cl bottle, it’s perfect for the summer.

Eyguebelle petits concentrés

ingredients of the petits concentrés

Riding on the benefits of naturalness, Eyguebelle accentuates its approach by creating a Healthy, Fresh and Unique range made from simple ingredients of natural origin.

We offer these fruit concentrates without additives or artificial flavors, this is called the CLEAN LABEL.

Organic herbal infusions is of French origin.

Petit concentré citron
Petit concentré citron


While having « eco-citizen » practices : 50cl = 6 Liters of diluted drink, our glass bottles are also infinitely RECYCLABLE. Our products are protected from the light by tinted glass to make the most of its benefits.

Petit concentré citron