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Eyguebelle, combining history and taste

Valaurie, near to Grignan, in the heart of the Drôme Provençale is home to EYGUEBELLE, the place where the brand’s rich heritage has developed.

A heritage, rich in secrets, recipes and ancestral methods developed and protected through the generations by the Cistercian monks of the Aiguebelle Abbey. It’s thanks to this herbal and aromatic knowledge that EYGUBELLE is able to faithfully recreate the flavour of these traditional recipes.

    Taste tradition using typical regional flavours, influenced by the Provence lifestyle which embraces authentic and gourmet products.

    Proud of its past, but looking unswervingly to the future, EYGUEBELLE brings together different traditional expertise (blending aromas, plant and fruit infusions, alambic distilling and producing fruit cordials).

    EYGUEBELLE aims to stand out in its different markets and create high end products made from carefully selected quality ingredients while ensuring the best end product:

    • Fruit and plant based complex and original liqueurs,
    • Liqueurs and Crèmes de fruits,
    • Aperitifs,
    • Traditional fruit cordials

    Eyguebelle, combines tradition with modernity.

    Today EYGUEBELLE maintains a subtle balance between past heritage and innovative vision.
    Although EYGUBELLE is firmly rooted in history and traditions handed down from generation

    to generation, is it a 21st century brand that uses industrial processes to ensure the impeccable quality of its products.

    With this in mind EYGUBELLE has been based at a new industrial site since November 2006 (ISO 9001 standards/HACCP/IFS standards), designed to be both versatile and to preserve the traditional methods associated with the brand. The site lends itself to different working methods and has a distillery with an alambic still and a cellar for ageing, in addition to a workshop for specialist production requiring a high level of care.

    Main aims:

    • Provide high end production, using this stateof- the-art site, of the full range of the brand’s products (plant and fruit liqueurs, aperitifs and fruit cordials), whilst ensuring the authenticity and essence of this skill.
    • Continue to evolve using inventive and reactive R&D.

    The site at Valaurie, near to Grignan endorses and continues the strong regional commitment of the brand.

    Eyguebelle, distilling for flavour

    Some professions still passionately and respectfully employ traditional methods. This is true for alcohol distilling, a complex skill which EYGUBELLE still uses to make complex plant liqueurs.

    Making green and yellow EYGUEBELLE liqueurs.

    The process starts by selecting the leaves, seeds and plants needed for the recipe from EYGUEBELLE’s large herb collection. Over 100 plant varieties from Provence and elsewhere are carefully kept in this essential collection.

    Each recipe is unique and closely guarded. The original taste of these liqueurs comes from the meticulous combination of a selection of these plants, flowers, seeds, roots and husks.

    The first stage is preparing a mixture of about thirty leaves and flowers to be infused in water boiled for almost two hours.

    Finely ground seeds and husks (more than 30) are added to the infusion. This is then mixed with pure alcohol and distilled. Distillation brings together the quintessence of the plant flavours which then flavour the alcohol.

    A combination of honey, lime-blossom leaves, violet flowers and vanilla pods cooked in a copper pot will then be added to the alcohol, depending on the liqueur being made.

    This alcohol, coloured by saffron infusions for yellow liqueur and by an infusion of lemon balm for green liqueur, is then sweetened with cane sugar.

    It is then aged in oak casks to allow time to provide a mature flavour.

    It’s with the same care and patience that all EYGUEBELLE liqueurs, eaux de vies and crèmes de fruits are made.

    Each recipe is specific and has its own personalised flavour.